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The essence of being as a reactor for being | Film as a sparkler for the synapses | The filmmaker as a host to notional creatures | inside a glass | on screen | It smells of blood and biscuits | The film as oasis of infinite finiteness in the now | A face becomes a countenance| inside a glass | inside the reactor | the Film REAKTOR.

The Film REAKTOR is Bernhard Kammel’s vehicle of choice for producing his films.


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Geblergasse 40
1170 Wien

+43 1 3501043



Drama | AT 2011 |  Russian | 82 min | colour 35mm

Cast off from any civilization a group of lovers is awaiting the end of the world.

A barbecue is being held in front of a mountain hut. The host, a bus driver, is celebrating his retirement. He has invited four women with whom he always flirted while driving. One of the women is a single mother. She leaves her eleven years old daughter alone for the weekend. The girl is terribly disappointed and casts a spell, wishing her mother dead and the whole world to collapse.
While the little party in the mountains is getting acquainted all of a sudden combat jets are flying unusually low over the group and a large helicopter is attempting a landing on the forest street right in front of the mountain hut. An unusual thunderstorm followed by a trembling of the earth alarms the festive company, after having enjoyed up to now a relaxed and flirtatious atmosphere.
Cast off from any civilization they are now trying to spend their allegedly last evening in a meaningful way.


Orenburger Filmfestival Preis
„Sarmatischer Löwe“
European Film Festival 2019
in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
20. Internationales Festival der Filmschauspieler
„Sozwezdie“ in Jaroslawl
10. Internationales Film Festival „Herbst am Amur“
in Blagowetschensk
20. Internationales Filmfestival „Festival der Festivals“
St. Petersburg
17. Vilnius International Film Festival
16. Sofia International Film Festival  
4. Orenburg International Film Festival
"East & West - Classic - Avantgarde"
33. Moscow International Film Festival
World Premiere


Conny - Sofia Kuzeva-Tchernev
Sonja - Anna Sinyakina
Pater Lukas - Gregory Hlady
Ruth - Alla Kljuka-Shaffer
Alfred - Victor Lanberg
Tom - Kirill Käro
Fritz - Dmitry Murashev
Mira - Ksenia Agarkova
Niels - Martin Geraskov
Sil - Krista Tchernev
Traktorfahrer - Ernst Zöchling

Conny - Ekaterina Fedulova
Alfred  Nikolay Popkov
Niels - Aleksey Solovjev
Sil - Anna Kudrjavzeva

Producer, script writer, production designer, director, cinematographer, editor
Bernhard Kammel


Art director: Lyudmila Kusakova | Composer: Franz Hautzinger | Costume: Svetlana Titova | Make-up artists: Larisa Sverba, Ivon Ivanova | Sound engineers: Evgeny Pozdnyakov, Vladimir Kalojanov | Editor: Bernhard Kammel | Decoration: Boris Tandelov, Emil Ivanov | Stage painter: Olga Abramova | Make-up: Sergey Barykin, Svetlana Chikaneva, Natalya Koroleva | Costumer: Vjarka Sirkova

Assistant group
1. Assistent director: Vladimir Sverba | Assistant director/script: Natalya Shuvalova | Assistant director/requisite: Nina Schtscherbakova | Assistant director/stage set: Elena Kaylova | Focus puller: Roland Adamson | Loader: Ilja Vasiljev | Boom operator: Aleksandr Kochubey, Kirill Kaloyanov | Assistant editor: Lena Kammel | Assistant director dubbing: Vladimir Sverba | Costume assistant: Anna Ladygina | Photographer: Olesya Livshits | Special effects: Tissi Brandstetter | Dolly: Eduard Pisarenko, Edgar Pisarenko | Camera crane: Wolfgang Kowald |  Gaffer: Martin Kotev | Best boys: Petko Lungov, Ltschezar Lazarov | Genny operator: Gennady Markin

Administrative group
1. Production assistant: Lena Kammel |  Production assistants in Moscow: Irina Parkevich, Galina Aleshina | Accountant: Stephan Kalesse |  Cook: Slavey Milushev | Cook helper: Viktor Avilkin | Location manager: Natalya Sazonova | Unit manager: Dmitry Zaytsev, Pantscho Tchernev

Postproduktion Negativ MEDIA FACTORY BERLIN
Postproduction supervisors: Tom Dülks, Walter Just | Negative development: Andy Haas, Sascha Ristow | HD-scanning: Michael Hessling, Daniel Kraus | Digitale retouching: Walter Just | Assistent cutter Avid: Michal Suminski |  IT-administrator: Daniel Krug | Negativ cutter: Karl-Heinz Wege

Digital Cinema Engineering DIGIMEX FRANKFURT/MAIN
3k Negativ scan: Milovan Kristo | Digital color management: Alexandra Wesche | Digital cinema mastering/Digital image processing: Alexander Eichmüller, Milovan Kristo  

Titel design: Lena Kammel

Postproduction sound TREMENS-FILM TONSTUDIO
Re recording mixer: Bernhard Maisch | Sound designer: Bernhard Bamberger | Foley sound recordist: Philipp Kemptner | Foley artist: Andreas Schneider | Sound editor foley: Hannes Eder |  Sound recordist ADR: Martin Greunz | Sound assistent ADR: Thomas Janda | Sound edtitor ADR: Martin Greunz | Dolby consulter: Christian Lerch

Recording engineer and editor: Martin Siewert | Band leader und trumpet: Franz Hautzinger | Trombone: Hilary Jeffrey |  Elektric guitar: Bernhard Hammer | Double bass: Jakob Schneidewind |  Drums: Bernhard Breuer

Translation of script from German into Russian
Lena Kammel

Theological conseling:
Pater Pius Maurer, O.Cist., Univ. Prof., Pater Benedictus Dissel, O.Cist., lic.theol.

Helicopter Super Puma AS 332 C1 -  Pilot Thomas Bolzli

Decoration: Ferdinand Prinz

Catering: Martin Schacherl  

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